Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care Services

Seasons of Change and Meaning

Branches of our lives grow from places we may not expect. Seasons of change and the cycles of life nourish the branches that thrive in variable conditions. Through our experience of life and events, whether traumatic or regenerative, hope is often found in new growth during times of transformation and healing.

Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care Services by Branches of Hope, LLC are pastoral and spiritual, compassionate and responsive to deep roots of meaning. The seasons of change are evident wherever we look. Transformation is underway at Branches of Hope, LLC.

“Hope is often found in new growth during times of
transformation and healing."

Compassionate Chaplain


Branches of Hope, LLC is respectful of diversity and dignity, while maintaining sensitivity to the spiritual needs of persons receiving care. This may be religious, spiritual, or through taking time to discern life meaning and purpose. Recognizing that the spiritual self and places of the soul are integral to one’s being and health, the Chaplain is attentive to values and beliefs of persons receiving care. This is responsive to emotional, spiritual or psychosocial ways of being.


Soul health improves quality of life and the ability to participate in it. Chaplaincy care can strengthen individual and corporate health and wellbeing. In times of crisis, transition or loss being able to turn to a Chaplain for spiritual, emotional and psychosocial care can support healing. Interdisciplinary collaboration supports holistic care. In a life or setting that is undergoing change, the services of a Chaplain are often centering for persons in transition.

Diversity Chaplain


Rev. Lydia Buttner, MDiv, BCC is ordained clergy of the United Methodist Church. As a Chaplain she works in the world in word, service, justice and compassion. She has a Master of Divinity from Iliff School of Theology and is Board Certified Chaplain with the Association of Professional Chaplains. Her experience as a clinical chaplain in a range of specialized health care settings serving individuals, groups and interdisciplinary teams informs her care practices. Alongside this, she has been engaged in social justice work in homeless shelters, advocated for universal accessibility, and serves as a mentor. A creative spirit is intertwined in her work through her continued engagement of the fine arts.


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