Some Benefits of Branches of Hope, LLC Care

  • Soul health improves quality of life and the ability to participate in it.
  • A qualified Chaplain who engages and is respectful of diversity can strengthen individual and corporate health and wellbeing.
  • In times of crisis, transition and loss being able to turn to a Chaplain for spiritual, emotional and psychosocial care can be a healing a way ground hope.
  • Having a Chaplain available as a consultant to create care plans and processes that  are sensitive to the needs of persons in the organization supports wellness.
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration in the clinical setting that includes the services of a Chaplain supports holistic care.
  • Branches of Hope Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care services can extend an organization’s ability to provide caring services that may not be available within its own core focus and competencies.
  • A few of the cost benefits from outsourcing to Branches of Hope LLC for Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care Services are:
    • Effective use of time in relationship to services provided.
    • Improved predictability for cost structures.
    • Pure service hour focus in relation to care service needs specific to setting.
  • In a setting that is undergoing change the services of a Chaplain are centering and supportive of persons in transition.
  • Insight on dimensions of complex issues and meaningful responses go hand in hand with informed Chaplaincy Care and clarity in advocacy.


Chaplain Lydia Buttner, MDiv, BCC is an ordained Deacon and Ecclesiastically Endorsed in the United Methodist Church. Her work is in the world in word, service, justice and compassion. Lydia has a Master of Divinity from Iliff School of Theology, and did her ACPE Chaplain Residency at University of Colorado Hospital Anschutz...

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I work with Lydia on the Disability Visions Committee, and I have found her to be an excellent leader. Her organizational skills, her ability to see the big picture, and her passion for inclusion of people with disabilities is an inspiration....

Diana H., Disability Visions – Ability Matters

I recommend Lydia wholeheartedly… I found her to be a very compassionate caregiver/chaplain. She has excellent pastoral presence and an intuitive sense of how to care for each person. Lydia is also attentive to detail and learns quickly. She is...

Brooks B., St. Anthony Hospital

Working with Lydia in the hectic flow of a Level I trauma hospital, I have experienced her multiple skills and interpersonal ability. She is able to manage the physical and emotional crises that people face with care, compassion and competence....

Roger C., St. Anthony Hospital

It is my pleasure to recommend Rev. Lydia Buttner as a Chaplain. I worked closely with Lydia, who received an award at St. Anthony Hospital for service to patients above and beyond the call of duty. She is an excellent chaplain and a very detail...

Chris L., St. Anthony Hospital

Lydia is a very compassionate, caring and intuitive chaplain with the ability to assess the needs of her patients. She has the ability to be centered, focused and carries great spiritual presence which can be calming and peaceful. Her connection...

Defne W, Social Worker, LUH

Thank you for your ministry here at St. Anthony Hospital. You have been a real gift to our department and to the patients and staff at SAH. I have very much appreciated your organizational skills, your reliability, and your ability to minister to...

Jenny L., St. Anthony Hospital

Lydia is professional, spiritual and a great administrative support to our team. Her leadership and commitment are helpful in our team that serves the greater whole. Her qualities of generosity and grace make her an enjoyable person to work with...

Emily H., Residence in Ministry

Lydia was a tremendous asset to the spiritual lives of Shalom Cares residents. Not only did she lead wonderful Christian services, Lydia also had great rapport with all the lives she touched on campus. Lydia is compassionate, intuitive and always...

Jody N., Shalom Cares

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